Is SEO Pointless After Google’s Penguin Update?

Is SEO Pointless Now?

I wouldn’t say that just yet. But many things have changed in regards to SEO, and following the same strategies as you were before will likely not get you anywhere. Although this update was mainly targeted at those spammy, value-less sites, many legitimate bloggers and site builders did see a negative impact in their rankings. Although that’s probably due to the fact that those legitimate users may have (knowingly or unknowingly) used some Black Hat SEO tactics to rank their sites. Spamming hundreds of poor quality backlinks is a common mistake.
Continually modifying their algorithm is Google’s way of keeping the internet, fair, if you will. It’s how they plan on staying ahead of those pesky SEO evil-doers who are always trying to circumvent their way to the top of the rankings, many times illegitimately.If you’re not jumping for joy right now, you should be. Unless you’re one of those line-skippers trying to make a quick buck without actually providing any worthwhile information. Basically what this update has done is give those smaller users with great contenta fighting chance at getting noticed.

So, should you just forget all about SEO and hope for the best, since Google seems like it is constantly trying to stop people from getting a handle on them? No. The right strategy for SEO is more important than ever now, than it’s ever been. The right strategy should entitle you to produce your very best work to please your customers, and to make quality a top priority.

So what should we do, and not do?

• Don’t get so caught up on keyword density, and stuff your pages with keywords.

• Don’t be as concerned about backlinking

• Do find out what your customers really want, and start providing it

• Do put quality at the top of the priority list. Remember the saying, “Quality over Quantity.”

Of course, keywords, tags, backlinks, and other SEO elements are still important. But search engines are aware of obvious attempts to circumvent the system set in place. They also look at your conversion rate to see if you’re providing a good enough experience to the traffic they’re sending you. When the search engines analyze your site, they want to know if you’re doing converting that traffic, and they’re simply not dropping off 16 seconds into their visit. If they send you 5,000 visitors today and none of them convert, search engines will re-assess whether or not you deserve that traffic.

Consequently, if you’re on the bottom of page 1 and are getting more conversions than your competitors in spots 1 and 2, search engines will take that into consideration, and you’ll likely be rewarded in terms of your position in the rankings.

SEO is NOT Pointless!

If your rankings have declined you might be thinking that SEO is pointless. But it’s not, believe me. It’s important to do things that will put you in front of your customers eyes. The correct SEO strategies also include smart on-page optimization strategies that logically walk the visitor through the site, and keep them engaged. Think following up one of your best articles with another powerful article you’ll know the reader will be interested in. The best SEO results happen when you know your customers, know your industry, and understand how search engines work.

Now, SEO isn’t all there is to ensuring traffic. Make sure you put into action diverse online marketing strategies. Content marketing, email marketing, social media, pay per click, and other marketing methods are all equally important. Develop multiple traffic generating streams and a solid relationship management strategy with your customers, so that you don’t have to continually chase after new traffic because your old one is leaving. Get new traffic while keeping your existing traffic happy and engaged. There’s nothing like a testimonial from a happy customer to drive in more!

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Also, special thanks to Clint Maher from Oracle Digital for providing the juice for this article.



  1. Yeah ! SEO is still very much active ;)


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