Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Rankings

So now I have to worry about making SEO mistakes?

You certainly do. And the next 5 SEO blunders I’m about to talk about have the potential to seriously hurt your websites rankings, and should be avoided like the plague. A lot of these blunders became a real hindering factor after Google’s Penguin update, so if you haven’t already informed yourself on the matter, you should read our other article, Is SEO Pointless After Google’s Penguin Update?.

So, what are these so-called, “SEO Mistakes?”

1. Rubbish Backlinks

Building backlinks to your website used to be regarded as one of the most important SEO strategies. Now it can get your site seriously penalized.

This doesn’t mean all backlinks are bad, on the contrary. They still serve as genuine way to boost your ranking. The backlinks we’re talking about are those hogwash links you usually find on Fiverr and the likes. Buying one of those “10,000 Backlinks for $5″ is the equivalent of committing SEO suicide nowadays. Yeah, it’s that bad.

So how do I know which backlinks are good?

Think of backlinks as your group of friends, and Google as the girl of your dreams – Lets call her Gaby. The good backlinks are those friends you wanted Gaby to see you with. They were cool, and just being with them made you cool too. Much like authority sites, high-pr blogs,  ect.. Now the bad kind of backlinks, those are your friends you didn’t even want Gaby to know existed! Just having her picture you and them in the same thought would be devastating to your self image. That’s exactly what bad backlinks do to your site. They make Gaby, err.. Google, not want anything to do with you. And if Gaby doesn’t want to introduce you to her friends, Google will definitely not want it’s users to find your site on it’s search results.

To sum it all up, don’t buy backlinks unless you know exactly where they’re coming from. The best bet is to get them yourself through guest posting on other high authority sites in your niche, make videos linking back to your site, or simply let them come organically. It could mean the difference between spending the night with Gaby, or alone.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Lets say you just wrote an article about gardening tips. Ideally you would have carefully studied the market and done some keyword research before writing the article, using the ones that specifically target your article and bring in a consistent amount of traffic. You should not continue to load the keyword bin with other keywords that have absolutely nothing to do with your article, or even niche. There’s absolutely no reason to put Kanye West or Britney Spears as keywords to your gardening article.

Heck, even if you did rank 1st for “Kanye West,” what makes you think people searching for him would genuinely be interested in reading through your gardening article?

Stick to keywords that pertain to what you’re writing about. Google isn’t stupid and will penalize you for trying to abuse the system.

3. Spun Articles

What do spun articles provide to your readers?

Nothing. So why even bother with them?

Not only do spun articles not offer your readers anything of value, many of them are even completely unreadable. You don’t want your readers and potential clients to hit the back button 7 seconds into your article because it’s unreadable.

Not to mention Google isn’t a fan of spun content, so don’t count on them raising your ranks for it.

4. Duplicate Content

Although stealing content from other sites is very frowned upon in the internet world, and can get you into trouble, that’s not the duplicate content we’re talking about.

We’re talking about duplicate pages on your own site.

What some people try to do is copy the same article over and over again, just changing the headline and a few words here and there to try and rack each one for a specific long tail keyword. Even if the original article is 100% genuinely written by you, this will still get you in trouble.

Google wasn’t born yesterday. So if you try to game their algorithm with this silly trick they’ll dump your site onto page 357. Or worse; de-index you. So don’t do it.

5. Poorly Written Content

Believe it or not, this is the most important one of them all.

If you consistently dish out amazing content that people like to read, they will find a way to get to it – even if you have 40,000 plague-like backlinks. And if Google can see that people like your content, they’ll want more and more people to see it too.

The main problem I see on the internet today is too many bloggers and “entrepreneurs” are so focused on making a quick buck online, they forget about the most important thing: Providing value.

That’s the same reason why most Internet Marketers don’t ever make a penny online. They provide mediocre, uninteresting content that doesn’t convert, and then wonder why people aren’t engaged once they arrive on their site. And Google can see that – they can track  how long a person remains on your site, and what your drop off rate is, which is the % of your visitors that hit the back button without exploring your site first.

That’s why providing value in your content is so important. If you can get people engaged and interested about what you provide, you’re well on your way to being successful online. I truly believe good content is the best SEO tactic there is. Forget building links and keyword optimization – focus on providing excellent value to your audience and they will multiply. Guaranteed.



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