3 Totally Creative Ways To Generate Free Website Traffic

Is free website traffic even possible?

You better believe it! Here you’ll find 3 of my proven ways on how to do it. And no, these methods don’t involve you writing 1,000 articles to submit to directories, or anything like that.

Many of these ideas are not revolutionary new “secrets”, but yet not many people are actually taking advantage of all of them. It’s free traffic! And for those of you who make a living off your websites, you KNOW how important traffic is.

All 5 of the ideas I’ve listed are effective methods of traffic generation that will also help you to be seen as more of an expert in your field. If you’re looking for ways to dominate the search engines… well, several will work for that too, but that’s not what I’m looking to teach here.

This is long-term traffic generation for people who are in it for the long-haul. If that’s you, keep reading.
And, be sure to read all the way to the end, as I saved the best for last.

1. Become a Featured Columnist for Other Blogs

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about article marketing, but this is different. This a much more direct way of getting your website in front of your target market is by doing something a bit more targeted than traditional article marketing.

Basically, we’re taking out the middle-man and going directly to the sites we want to have our articles published on. But, with a twist.

Now, I’m not knocking EzineArticles.com or Isnare.com. They are both fantastic. However, they are also HUGE websites. How do you get noticed in such big a crowd?

Again, don’t abandon Ezine and the likes altogether. In addition to writing and submitting articles to the big sites, hook up with a smaller (yet well known) website in your niche and become a columnist for that site.

What do you get out of it?

  • Exposure to their target market forever. (As my site grows, their exposure grows.)
  • Guaranteed publishing on a targeted website for each article. (Assuming it’s a good arti-cle, of course.)
  • Exposure on a high traffic website that has some great Search Engine rankings.
  • Exposure in a well known blog.

What do they get?

  • Fresh, unique, quality content. (This is much better to me than using PLR articles or hir- ing a ghostwriter, because they’re finding experts who know the topics inside and out.)

So, if you’re looking to get some serious exposure in front of the exact people who buy your products or services, then I’d say to start searching Google for people who are reaching those people already. Once you find a great content site, offer to provide them with regular articles. Once you find a site willing to accept you as a columnist, be sure to discuss their terms, such as how long the articles have to be, how many links you may include, how often they want you to write, ect. It’s good to get those out of the way before agreeing to anything.

Also, you may even be able to turn the articles into a .pdf report that you can then offer as a tool for your affiliates in your affiliate center. See how just one door can open so many others?

2. Find Trending Membership Sites and Offer Them Content

This is similar to the previous tip, but it has another very distinct twist.

Let’s say you’re an expert in Raw Food Nutrition. One thing you can easily do is contact every weight loss or fitness membership site you can find and offer to give them either an interview or a report. Basically something their own subscribers would be interested in reading.

Each of these membership sites is looking for ongoing value for their members. If you come through with a great interview or a quality report, you can be sure they’ll add it to their members’ area, especially if it’s unique to their site.

Find one membership site each week and offer them great content. Not only will you get your marketing message in front of a lot of very targeted eyeballs who are interested in your topic, you’re also building your own brand by having others promote it. Win win situation.

Now, how exactly do you find these hot membership sites anyways? Easy.

Search google.com for the following terms:

  • “keyword club” (example “dog owners club”)
  • “keyword join” (example “divorce join”)
  • “keyword report” (example “fitness report”)
  • “keyword ebook” (example “recipe ebook”)
  • “keyword affiliate” (example “dog affiliate”)

Of course, don’t be discouraged if you find ebooks instead of membership sites in your niche. That works too. Find hot ebooks in your niche that are just a little different than yours but in the same field, and offer them a bonus for their customers. I recommend you search directly in the Clickbank.com marketplace for those. Once you set this up, each and every customer who buys the ebook of a competitor will receive a copy of your audio or report. If you set this up properly, you’ll turn your traffic on autopilot. More Google research ideas:

3. Social Networking

If you want to make it big online, you NEED to start using social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are pretty much the standard sites you have no excuse not to join (and use, of course), but don’t just limit yourself to those 3. Find a social networking service that revolves around your niche. For example, if you run an art blog, join Flickr or Deviantart. The more you interact with people in your niche, the more chances you will have of attracting an audience.

Building relationships online is just as important as in the offline world. Get your audience engaged, grow your following, and provide them information or products you know they’ll be interested in.

The hardest part about building an audience is starting out. Those first few subscribers are the hardest, because people typically like to follow what everyone else is following. Thosgh once they start coming, they’ll keep coming. Provided your content is good of course.

One thing I like to do, preferable for brand new accounts is to buy followers. For example, there are numerous gigs on Fiverr giving you 1,500 page likes or so for $5. Now, they’re not real people, but having 1k+ likes gives you a little more credibility than having 0.

Another great social networking site to generate traffic is Youtube. There’s already millions of people on youtube, and not to mention the immense authority youtube videos have in search engine rankings. Why not take advantage of this?

Just find a popular topic in your niche, and make a Powerpoint presentation out of it. Or take one of your existing articles or ebooks and turn them into a Powerpoint. Making it pretty also helps, as you’re going to be recording your screen while the presentation is playing, turning it into a video. You’ll need some software for that which can easily be found by doing a quick google search for “screen capture software.” I like Camtasia myself.

Also, you will need to record your voice while you narrate the power point. It’s a lot easier if you record your voice while recording the Powerpoint presentation, and the screen capture software will easily allow you to do this, outputting your video file ready to be uploaded to Youtube. If you happen to not like the sound of your voice, you can always find someone on Fiverr to do the voiceover for you. There’s no excuse!

You can do this as many times as you like, and have each video link to a corresponding post on your site. And once it’s done, the traffic is on autopilot. Keyword research is also a very important factor here, so make sure you do it to help your videos rank. Keywords are just as important for ranking videos as they are for websites.

And once your video is up, don’t forget to share it on your OTHER social networking sites. See how everything works together? The possibilities are practically endless. Just put your creativity to work, and you’ll take these very simple tips to a whole new level.

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