Why Most Internet Marketers Never Make Any Money

Why is it that most Internet Marketers never make a dime?

Because they’re only focused on making a dime.

That’s right. Most Internet Marketers never make a penny online because their sole priority is making money – that’s absolutely all they care about. And while wanting to make money is good, and totally important, having the desire alone won’t make you rich. Providing great content will. And that’s the problem most Internet Marketers encounter; They focus too much on how they can make money, that they completely forget about providing excellent content to their readers.

So, Should I forget about making money?

Not at all. What you should do is focus on providing a phenomenal experience to your customers, and then on how you can monetize based on that phenomenal experience. But truthfully speaking, once your customers are thrilled about the service you’ve provided them, the money comes starts coming relatively easily.

Instead of wasting so much time thinking about whether you should price your product at $59.95 or $57.01, spend time building a relationship with our existing customers. Be personable and sociable – people would much rather buy from someone whom they feel a connection with. Not some random guy online selling his”Get Rich Quick Scheme.” Building an audience of interested people, providing great content, and interacting with them regularly are among the 3 most important things an Internet Marketer can do.

That’s what building a brand is all about.

That’s what makes he difference between selling somebody something once, and selling them something every time you release a new product. And they buy it because they trust you, and know whatever you provide will be top notch stuff. That’s the image you want to create of yourself. That’s the image that will bring you the success you’re looking for.

Well, what if my success doesn’t revolve around selling products?

It doesn’t matter! Even if 100% of your income comes from AdSense on your blog, do you want 100% of your livelihood to depend on Google’s traffic – traffic that can evaporate from one day to another with a Google update – or do you want your income to depend on happy readers who keep coming back to your website because they genuinely enjoy what you provide them? I’d go with option 2.

And there’s no excuse for not providing your customers an excellent experience. Hire better writers if you have to, better designers, better developers, whatever you have to do to. As long as you elevate your level of value to where it needs to be.

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